Canada Car Insurance Quote - How Anti-Theft Devices Help Reduce Premiums

There are a few insurance facts, tips and hints that will help you save a little on your car insurance premiums, however, for the most part, here is one that we tend to forget to check into...
When people shop for a Canada car insurance quote they remember to discuss with their agent the obvious factors that can reduce their car insurance premiums like driver training, dropping collision from older cars, not using your car to drive to work, however when getting a Canada car insurance quote many forget to mention anti-theft devices they may have to protect their vehicle. By not mentioning anti-theft devices when you shop for a Canada car insurance quote you could be leaving behind some additional discounts.

Auto theft costs are huge, they cost Canadians approximately 1.2 billion a year when you add up legal bills, insurance costs, not to mention health care costs for those thefts which involve injuries. Obviously it is in our best interest and the interest of the Canadian insurance companies to take the steps in providing anti-theft devices that will help reduce these costs and let's face it, any sort of car insurance discount means money kept in your pocket!
There are three general categories for anti-theft devices, understanding these will help you when you are shopping for a Canada car insurance quote:
1. mechanical - these are devices that prevent the steering wheel from moving - ie: locking bars
2. alarms - these cause horns and lights to go off when someone tries to break into the car
3. electronic - immobilizers that cuts the power to the ignition so the car can't be started,
The three mentioned are very familar to us, most familar now are the electronic immobilizers because recently the Government has just made them mandatory in Canada. These three categories of anti-theft devices can be broken down again into two categories:
Active devices - devices that require you to turn them on to activate them (mechanical and alarms)
Passive devices - devices that are activated when you turn the engine off (electronic)
It's the passive devices that Canada car insurance companies are the better of the two because they don't rely on us to remember to turn them on, they come on on their own.
Before you start shopping for a Canada car insurance quote, take advantage of all the insurance facts, tips and hints [] that will help you save. In this case take a couple of minutes and write down the anti-theft devices your car already has. Write down if you have an engine immobilizer, wheel locks, car etching anything and everything your car has and ASK about each of them and see what sort of discounts the insurance company will offer. DON'T ASSUME that just because engine immobilizers are mandatory that a discount has been applied, make a point of asking.
Dennise Ryder writes from her home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Get more car insurance facts, tips and hints []. Canada car insurance premiums differ by $900, are you getting the best rates? Make sure get a Canada car insurance online quote []
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Online Motor Insurance Quote

Expert Author Tom Mc Carrick

One of the biggest costs associated with owning a car is the cost of car insurance. It can vary a lot from model to model, but it normally follows that, the more powerful the car, the higher will be the insurance premium. Another factor that affects the price is the age of the driver. For obvious reasons, younger drivers are a higher risk and for a driver under the age of 25, the cost of auto insurance may just be too high.
This is especially true for male drivers. A high percentage of the car accidents that happen today involve drivers under 25 and these are mostly male.
Auto insurance premiums can vary greatly between different providers - it certainly pays to 'shop around'. It can be well worthwhile to get an online motor insurance quote from several different companies. There are many insurance comparison websites available, where you can compare various quotes side by side, and see the features that are associated with each.
I know from my own experience that a little time spent browsing for insurance value can result in big savings. I would not have considered my premium to be over-expensive, yet I was able to insure my car for almost 30% less than I had paid the previous year, when I checked out one of the comparison websites.
Getting a motor insurance quote online is pretty easy - you just answer a few questions about yourself and the car, and before long you can see what the bottom line is.
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Long Distance Moving Quote Really Will Help You Hire the Best Company

When you are going to be moving long distance it is always a good idea to hire a moving company to help with your move. Before hiring any company you need to make sure that you get a long distance moving quote from more than one moving company.
Many people don't understand exactly how a quote can help them hire the best moving company for the right price. By understanding this you will see why the quotes are the first thing you should get and look at before coming to any decision about any company.
The first way that a quote can help you hire the best company is by telling you the price that they charge. Each company will not have the same price so you have to give yourself time to compare them if you want to find a good price.
Moving can be expensive and a quote will help you see the different prices for different companies to help you make an informed decision. It is important that you take time to compare the different prices because this is the only way to ensure that you are not paying more money that you absolutely need to.
The second way that a quote can help you with your final decision is by allowing you to see what services are offered by the different companies. Moving companies have a lot of different services that they offer and are not always the same.
You have to make sure that the company offers all the services that you need for your particular move. One thing it is important to understand is that if there are services that you can do yourself such as packing and unpacking then you want to do it because this will help you save money on your move.
Always take time to go over the quote thoroughly to be sure that you are not being charged for services that will not be needed. If there are on the estimate then contact the company to have it removed and find out a more accurate price.
A third way the quote can really help is to prevent you from having any surprise charges after the company has been hired. The quote is not a contract but it will give you all the important prices for everything including extra fees such as fuel charges and insurance.
Now that you know how a long distance moving quote really can help you find the best moving company to hire all that is left is for you to get started gathering quotes to compare. Don't delay in getting the quotes because time will be needed to make an informed decision.
Maureen Romensya invites you to visit her moving website to receive a long distance moving quote and moving estimates on your next move. Compare free instant online moving quotes and pick the best moving company based on services & price. When moving companies compete you save up to 35%.
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